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The Winds of Innovation

Il venti dell'innovazione ('The Winds of Innovation): News from our partners in Italy: The “Winds of Innovation”, sponsored by the Varese Chamber of Commerce, is a series of monthly meetings that will offer to the entrepreneurial system the opportunity to explore themes related to innovation, giving voice to experts and testimonies of the protagonists of economic life (Industry, Trade and Craft Associations, Cooperative and Technological Centers).

The aim is to explore those scenarios (from energy to creative industries) on which, even in a period of crisis that has persisted for four years, could be based the economic development.

Further will be showed the tools for the dissemination of innovation, one of the key drivers of growth, and for the technology transfer, especially those already available to the local companies. In short an effort to better support the business system in this harsh economic climate.

Experts will show the actual development courses that distinguish the current context (for example, cooperation between companies) and future ones (the achievement of the European target of 20-20-20 and the national action plan for renewable sources), investigating the characteristics to lead a solid economic growth.

During the meetings there will be spread information about the tools and projects already in place (or starting), such as direct contributions to businesses, to centers of excellence and to local universities with the objective to develop tools for technology transfer projects that enhance the networking philosophy as a form of collaborative innovation, awareness and support entrepreneurs who invest in research projects, also at European level.

Particularly the meeting foreseen on 20th November 2012 will be focused on Creative Industry.

We can say that the creative industries - or economics of creativity - is based on a mix of art, design and technology and involves many sectors. In the Varese area has been noticed a strong relationship between art / incubation of innovative ideas / business and the opportunities to develop new skills.

So during the meeting the local creative industry will be compared at European level on the basis of the exchange of best practices, identified in many countries within Interreg IV C project called "Organza" and there will be organized a focus to a specific sector of creative industries: the media cluster.