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Organza to present at the Innovation Festival's finale

Organza's project coordinator, Esther Ruiten, has been asked to present our project at the Innovation Festival's final conference, titled "What IF... we discussed the future of the creative industries".

Innovation Festival is an INNO Action under the PRO INNO Europe InitiativeĀ® aimed at celebrating innovation across six European cities: Barcelona, Milan, Kortrijk, Lisbon, Vilnius and Tallinn.

The project focuses on the societal aspects of Innovation and how they are experienced in the different partnering regions: how does innovation help regionsā€™ economic performance? How does it help solve challenges such as climate change, energy and scarcity of natural resources? What role can innovation play in making regions better equipped to deal with issues like ageing populations and emigration?

The Innovation Festival project makes regional innovation efforts visible and allows citizens to become actively involved in the innovation efforts. The festivals combine general and specialized events aimed at different audiences and bring fun, engaging and educational activities to the local crowds in cities and regions across Europe.

The Innovation Festival project demonstrated the innovation and creativity must be experienced and celebrated to better be understood and appreciated.

At a two-day Finale event, Innovation Festival will present its achievements and results and look to the future, notably by marking the launch of the European Creative Industries Alliance. The Finale will also include presentations of other EU initiatives in support of creative industries as well as exhibitions, music and fashion intermezzos of an innovative character.

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