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Development of Joint Policy Recommendations for CCI

Given the strong interaction between the CREA.RE project and other INTERREG IVC projects working on the subject of cultural and creative industries (CCI), the idea of capitalisation on experiences, information, common issues several regions are confronted with in the regional policy matured towards joint development of CCI policy recommendations: on 2nd July 2012 Narni will host en première a workshop dedicated to this topic. A round table with both CREA.RE partners but also with our colleagues from former INTERREG IVC projects (like SEEproject and creative metropoles) or running projects (like ORGANZA, InCompass and TOOLQUIZ) get together to see where are the “common denominators” in their regional policy developments related to cultural and creative industries. The workshop will be led by Ms.Anna Whicher, coordinator of the SEEproject, who brings along her experience in the development of policy recommendations. We will inform you in our next newsletter about the output.

Source: CREA.RE Newsletter