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31 • 12 • 2011 Video available
Video available - You can now watch a 4 minute impression of the Organza seminar on the challenges of supporting creative entrepreneurship:
09 • 11 • 2011 Sneakers and suits
Sneakers and suits ‒ In the framework of the Organza project, an international seminar on coaching creative entrepreneurship was held on November 8 in Arnhem, the Netherlands. The main issue focused on the question to what extent coaching creative en...
16 • 09 • 2011 Seminar on Creative Entrepreneurship: Promises & Dilemmas
Creative Entrepreneurship: Promises & Dilemmas – The Organza network organizes an international seminar on the opportunities and pitfalls of creative entrepreneurship, to be held on November 8, 2011 in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Stakeholders from d...
15 • 07 • 2011 Green paper on the online distribution of audiovisual works in the European Union
The European Commission has published on 13 July 2011 a Green Paper “on the online distribution of audiovisual works in the European Union” that investigates on opportunities and challenges towards a digital single market. This question has been anal...
27 • 05 • 2011 Breakthrough moment in Flemish CI policy
Today, more than 150 people from the Flemish creative industries gathered in Brussels to attend the formal presentation of the strategic plan ‘Creative Industries in Flanders’.
23 • 05 • 2011 Organza to present during the first CREA.RE interregional creative economy forum
Organza to present during the first CREA.RE interregional creative economy forum. On 23 and 24 May stakeholders, policy makers and local and regional authorities will discuss how to better integrate the cultural and creative industries in EU policy....
19 • 04 • 2011 Best practices in CI support presented at Creative Industry Day
Nine best practices in CI support were presented today at the Creative Industry Day in Treviso. Treviso Tecnologia, the Special Agency for Innovation of Treviso Chamber of Commerce, organized the international seminar as an activity in the Organ...
14 • 04 • 2011 Arnhem Mode Biennale - My Name is Amber
Organza project coordinator City of Arnhem is proud to announce the fourth edition of the city's fashion biennale. The Arnhem Mode Biennale will take place from June 1 to July 3, transforming the city into a veritable European hotspot for fashion des...
30 • 03 • 2011 Conference on Creative Industries: Innovation for Growth
We are happy to announce that a Conference on Creative Industries: Innovation for Growth will be held in Brussels on April 20, 2011. Unfortunately, the Organza team will not be able to attend due to a steering group meeting in Italy.
29 • 03 • 2011 Six Flemish design organisations go for close cooperation
Today, six Flemish design organisations signed a charter for closer cooperation, at the design summit in Brussels. The summit was attended and backed by three Flemish ministers.